vision and mission


The vision and mission of the School of General Studies (SGS), vis-a-vis the other programmes of the Colleges of the University, is basically to produce students with balanced education by exposing them to courses in the arts and humanities. In spite of the enormous benefits of science in the modern world, knowledge of science alone results in lopsided education with its inherent problems of isolationism and psycho-social and cultural adjustment and integration in an academic milieu that has largely become inter-disciplinary.

Balanced education recognizes that man is not only scientific but also socio-cultural, political, religious, linguistic, artistic, etc. this global approach to education equips the student who passes through the General Studies programme to become an effective link between scientific research findings and the wider society, and in so doing, be becomes more relevant in his society.
In summary, the mission of the SGS is to assist the University to produce a total person with balanced education. Although the School is not degree-awarding, the courses she offers are compulsory components of the University’s degree programmes. Growth of the GSS programme in terms of student enrolment is tied up with University policies and overall student enrolment.