Dr Ifeoma Obuasi

Dr Ifeoma Obuasi



IFEOMA OBUASI, PhD, is an Associate Professor (Sociolinguistics), in the SCHOOL OF GENERAL STUDIES, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. She is a pragmatic and reserved academic, a profound editor who started her academic carrier at University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1998 (twenty years ago).

Qualifications and Membership to Academic Bodies:

She obtained her BA (English), PGD (Pub Admin), and two MA certificates in Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics respectively from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and has a PhD in Sociolinguistics/Discourse Studies from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki – Nigeria.

She has about fifty researched publications focusing on Sociolinguistics, pedagogic discourse, religious discourse, gender discourse, and Igbo language in various national and international journals to her credit.

In addition to her editorial wit and expertise in organizing conferences, Dr Ifeoma Obuasi has attended over twenty national and international conferences and belongs to more than fifteen national and international academic bodies – some of which are: West African Linguistics Society (WALS), Linguistics Association of Nigeria (LAN), Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Cultures (APNILAC) where she served as the National Secretary for six years, English Language Teachers Association of Nigeria (ELTAN), Igbo Studies Association (International). Presently, she is a serving Secretary to an International Research and Development group – International Network for Action Research on Education, Language and Society (INARELS).


Special Training

She was a nominee to the Continuing Professional Development Training by the British Council at the British Council Office, Abuja, 9th – 13th September, 2013.

Areas of Interest: Communicative Competence, Language in Education, Discourse Studies, Gender Studies, Igbo Language Studies, and studies in other Nigerian indigenous languages. She finds satisfaction mentoring, teaching, reading, listening to people, and listening to African traditional music.


Her Publications include a mainline book she just published for her students:


Obuasi, I. (2018). Language and communication skills in English: A course book for

      students. Enugu: SAN Press Ltd.


Some others are:

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