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School of General Studies is the home of the General Studies Programme of MOUAU with eight (8) compulsory courses that serve as the backbone to pep up all academic programmes in our university. General Studies programme is therefore the Fundus for tertiary education, not only in Nigeria but the world over, as equipmental courses for better exploitation of the different disciplines

Being on-the-track move with the global world, and seeing one-track form of education as unhealthy, SGS at MOUAU aims at making our students reasonably knowledgeable by exposing them to the richness and diversity of various academic disciplines for the intellectual capabilities currently needed. As a University of Agriculture, the courses in our GS Programme serve as tillage grounds for the production of graduates who would compete favourably in the global market in line with MOUAU’s vision to promote international collaboration in farming

As the courses in Philosophy, Social Science, Peace & Conflict, Physical & Health, and History till the grounds; courses in English, French and German fertilize the grounds for the bumper harvest in the students’ different areas of specialization – making the students professionally competent and confident as MOUAU Mission demands.


In spite of the fact that the School of General Studies awards no degrees, all the components of her programme are compulsory components of all the degrees in the university. Students are therefore expected to be punctual to lectures and be of good behaviour.

NOTE: To qualify to have MOUAU certificate, one must be found worthy in “CHARACTER AND LEARNING”.


Once again, I welcome you to the School of General Studies, and assure you of all possible assistance to enable you move on smoothly with your trans-disciplinary education as a great Nigerian. 

The school is led by a Director and has eight different units. Read-on for more information on the School of General Studies. You can also visit the School of General Studies any moment for your academic assistance.

Ag Director – SGS