Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to confirm the exact amount for the Post Screening registration

The exact fee is N2,500

I cannot find the link that leads me to continue my admission application process after paying the bill

You need to go back to the home page (mouauportal.edu.ng), start afresh and enter your JAMB number follow the process.

I chose MOUAU as my first choice on JAMB website but MOUAU wasn't the first choice when my result was printed. What do I do?

First, launch a complain to JAMB about this issue, JAMB may be able to make some changes if not, you may need to visit the school you were given by JAMB.

The WAEC scratch card was requested for screening which I don't have. Is it compulsory to have the WAEC scratch card?

Yes, The card is needed to allow for verification of your result, No Card No Screening.

When will the Direct Entry form be on sale for 2016/2017 admission?

No date has been announced yet. Stay updated about the 2016/2017 Direct Entry Admission by regularly visiting the university website.

Is Post Screening Test is based on writing or just verification?

Registration is on going for the Post Screening test, visit mouau.edu.ng for more details.

I paid N3300 earlier for the IQ screening exercise earlier, but I was denied access to register for the screening and I was made to pay another N2500. What would happen to the initial N3300 I paid?

There is no need to pay another money, visit the mouauportal.edu.ng, click on Query Remita enter the RRR code and continue, last payment will be validated.

I was informed that there's no online registration for the Post Screening. Candidates have to go to the university to purchase the Post Screening form. Is this information correct?

This is a wrong information. Visit the university website www.mouau.edu.ng to get accurate information and follow due process.

Will the 2016/2017 Post screening still commence on wed 20th, July 2016?

Yes, 20th and 21st,July 2016. Visit the university website to know more about the 2016/2017 Admission screening guidelines.

Can I apply for the Post Screening with Awaiting Result such as WAEC?

Yes, you can apply for the Post Screening with your awaiting O’Level result. Visit mouauportal.edu.ng to know more about the process.