Directorate of ICT

Directorate of ICT

An overview of the Directorate

The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) was established in January, 2008 with the aim of piloting, developing and the realization of ICT Strategic plan for the University. Staff of the Directorate participate and represent the University, in all vital ICT initiatives. The Directorate supervises the Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT), and Administrative Information Systems (AIS), which are the major support units in MOUAU.

Our Objectives:

  • Planning, developing and managing University-wide ICT infrastructure.
  • Developing and/or acquiring relevant applications/Solutions.
  • Managing operations and maintenance of ICT resources.
  • Training end-users on computer literacy and offering end-user computing support.
  • Promoting staff development program to ensure that ICT staff continue to acquire the necessary skills to provide high-quality teaching and learning services and support.
  • Advising and consulting the University Management on the acquisition of ICT resources and related issues.
  • To undertake various data processing needs of the University.
  • Carrying out research and development in ICT in collaboration with the Departments of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical and Electronics, Library, Information Science as well as other relevant departments.

The vision is to exploit ICT to its full potential thereby assisting the University in elevating its position to a centre of academic excellence.


Our mission is to integrate ICT in all aspects of Teaching, Learning, Research and Community Development endeavours by providing, coordinating and facilitating the use of ICT in all activities of the university in order to accelerate change.

  • We strive to abide by the virtues of integrity, honesty and meritocracy in all our activities
  • We embrace excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
  • We endeavor to carry out our duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism
  • We maintain a sense of self respect, discipline, responsibility and institutional loyalty
  • Compliance to international practices and procedures in Services delivery and support, projects management, and quality assurance.
  • We commit ourselves to working as a team
  • Continuous investment in our personnel to keep developing their skills and abilities

Our Staff

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