Dr. Jonathan Madu

Dr.Jonathan Madu

Head of Department Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies



Staff Name:     Surname:MADU     First Name:    JONATHAN           Middle Name: CHUKWUEMEKA

Gender: MALE                         

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Staff Profile and Photograph

Associate Professor


Jonathan Madu is an Associate Professor and holds PhD in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies. He is currently the Head of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture and serves as an international postgraduate examiner to many universities in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. Madu has taught in different international institutions and he was the founding director of the Centre for Promotion of Peace and Development, which is a research and development organisation based in Nigeria.


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Staff Journals and Publications


 Text Books (Class A and internationally peer-reviewed)

1.       Madu, J.C. (2015) Understanding Peace and Conflict Studies, Enugu: Madonna University Press (ISBN: 978-41984-8-2).


2.       Madu, J.C. (2012)Nonviolent Transformation of Socio-cultural ConflictGermany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG (ISBN:978-3-8473-2041-8). Also available at


3.       Madu, J.C. (1992) Dealing with Family Conflicts:Secret of Happy and Successful Marriage, Enugu: Liz Press Nig. Ltd. (ISBN 978-2565-16-14).


Book Chapter (Special Class Publication, espoused by UN and ACCORD)

4. Madu, J.C. (2015)“Domestic Violence Act: Rights and Empowerment”, in S. Cheldelin and M. Mutisi (eds.), Deconstructing women, peace and security, Pretoria: Human Sciences Research Council (pp.113-134).



Peer-Reviewed International Journals (Class 1 publications of elite group, WF)

(SAPSE/DHT Accredited journals, which incorporates Thomson Reuters ISI)

5. Madu, J.C. (2009) “Gender Inequality and the Igbo Indigenous Systems of Peacemaking and Governance”,African Peace and Conflict Journal, Vol.2, No. 1, pp.63-70, Available at



6.       Madu, J.C. (2013) “Conflicts in Securing Land Rights in Nigeria: Policy Approach to Addressing Gender Inequality, Law, Democracy and Development Journal, Volume 17, Issue 402, pp 253-272. Available at http://www.ldd.org.za/2013-05-28-19-50-28/authors-journal/221-simalungi.html


7.       Madu, J.C. (2013) “Indigenous Dispute Settlement Systems for Africa’s Political and Economic Integration”, African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems,volume 12 No.2, pp 290-300. Available at (http://reference.sabinet.co.za/webx/access/electronic_journals/linga/linga_v12_n2_a11.pdf).


8.       Madu, J.C. (2013)“Domestic violence legislation for development, peace and security in Nigeria”, Passed rigorous assessment and accepted for publication in African Security Review Journal(Quarterly),24:3 2015.

9. Madu, J.C. (2013)Peace through Equity: The Political Economy of Gender Discrimination in Land Property Rights in Enugu State of Nigeria”. IFRA Journal of Nigeria Studies, Vol.1, N0. 26. Available at http://www.ifra-nigeria.org/IMG/pdf/peace-through-equity-enugu-nigeria.pdf.

Other International Monographs/Journals

10.    Madu JC (2015) “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fragility and Regional Security: Making Indigenous Approaches Effective”. Accepted and forthcoming in the Monograph, UPEACE Africa Policy Series, Vol. 1 No. 3, July 2015.

11.    Madu, JC. (1998) “Emerging Power of Sports in International Relations: The Nigeria’s Example”. RyugakuKoryun Journal, Volume 10, Number 2, pp 26-27 (Japanese Katakana Translation).



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Technical Reports and Policy Briefs

Served in technical committees that produced over 10 quality publications (in 2011), including policy briefs and strategy documents including:

1.   Sector Service Charters

2.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Environment Sector)

3.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Agricultural Sector)

4.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Water and Sanitation Sector)

5.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Roads and Transport)

6.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Works and Infrastructure)

7.   Medium Term Sector Strategies 2012-2016 (Ministry of Health)

8.   Enugu State 4:2020 Medium Term Implementation Plan

9.   Sector Performance Reviews (Policy & Strategies)

10. Sector Performance Reviews Public Sector Management

11. Sector Performance Reviews Public Sector Financing.


Proceedings and International Conference Papers

12.Madu JC (2015) “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fragility and Regional Security”, A paper presented at the International Conference on Writing and Publication organised by the United Nations University for Peace and International Development Research Centre at Saro-Maria Hotel, Addis Aba (09-20 March 2015).


13.Madu, J.C. (2013) “Contemporary lessons from selected African literary works on social conflicts and state building”. A paper presented at the 2nd Annual Postgraduate Conference and Staff Research Colloquium held at the Howard College Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (8-10 October 2013).


14.Madu, J.C. (2013) “Strategies for Promoting Peace and Cohesion for Successful Regional Cooperation and Integration in Africa”. A paper delivered at IRID 2013 International Conference held at the Institute for Regional Integration, Nairobi, Kenya, 6-7 June 2013. See published conference proceedings at http://www.irid2013.org/?page_id=165.


15.Madu, J.C. (2012)Strategies to PromoteNonviolence and Peacebuilding in Nigerian Communities”,Paper presented at the Third Annual Peacebuilding Conference held at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 8-10 June, 2012.


16.Madu, J.C. (2011)“Domestic Violence Act: Rights and Empowerment”. A Paper presented at the Roundtable Conference of collaborative research on Women, Peace and Security:  Approaches to Gender and Empowermentorganised by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes at Radisson Blu Hotel, Johannesburg, 8-9 December, 2011 (see the report as posted, http://www.accord.org.za/news/88-women/948-accord-hosts-authors-roundtable-on-women-peace-and-security)


17.Madu, J.C. (2010) “Gender-based Conflict in Accessing Natural Resources: Need for Socio-cultural Transformation in Nigeria”, A paper for Norwegian Association for Development Research Conference, November 25-26, 2010, and NFU Journal, Available at http://nfu.mf.no/papers/. Access the paper (Workshop 1) with User name (nfu) and Password (n7n7LKTN).


18.Madu, J.C and Madu E.C. (2003) “Policy Reforms for Poverty Reduction”, A paper presented at the National Conference on the Role of Science in Poverty reduction, held at the National University of Rwanda, 1st- 3rd February 2003.

Extra-ordinary Contribution (publications cont.)

19.    In 2008, founded peace research and development organization, The Centre for Promotion of Peace and Development (CPPD) Nigeria. In 2009, CPPD got incorporated in Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 31989) as a peace research and development non-governmental organization, which is independent and non-profit making with a network of researchers, development professionals, and renowned academics. CPPD has successful mitigated serious community land conflicts in Enugu State and involved in international publishing, as well as social justice issues.




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Editorship and Professional Reviews of papers for Reputable Journals:

1. Journal: Law, Democracy and Development Journal

Date: 2015

Title of the Paper:

i.         “Marginalised but not discarded?  An analysis of the dynamics of

customary land rights in post-conflict Acholiland, Northern Uganda”.


2.          Journal: Journal of Politics, Economics and Society

Date: 2013

Title of the Paper:

ii.         “The March 22nd 2012 Coup in Mali: Lessons and Implications for Democracy in the West Africa Sub-Region in the Wave of Transnational Terrorism”

iii.      “The Outsourcing of Thinking and Imagination in African Development: Lessons from South Korea”

iv.      “Understanding Africa’s Approach to International Relations: a theoretical perspective”

v.       “An Appraisal of the Federal Revenue Allocations to State Governments in Nigeria”


3. Journal: African Peace and ConflictJournal

Date: 2011

Title of the Paper: “Sudan: Beyond the 2011 Referendum”.



4. PhD Candidate: KudakwasheShonhiwa(Durban University of Technology)

Title of the Thesis: Facilitating reconciliation in divided communities in Mashonaland Province-Zimbabwe”

 (January 2016)

34.                PhD Candidate: Belinda Johnson (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Title of the Project: Policy Regulation of the KwaZulu-NatalLine-Fish Sector: Balancing Sustainability, Economic Stability and Social Equity – What’s the Catch?” (November 2013)

35.                PhD Candidate: B.M. Nkosi (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Title of the Project: “An analysis of policy planning and implementation under the local economic policy in South: A case study of uMgundlouv District Municipalities” (February 2014)     

36.                PhD Candidate: SandileMnguni (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Title of the Project: “Good Governance, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in the Developing World: A Comparative Analysis of Kenya, Brazil and Iran, 1990-2010)” (October 2013).


37.                Master’s Candidate: Ms.WakhumuziNdlovu(Durban University of Technology)

Title of the Dissertation::Preventing violence against lone women in Pumula community, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe” (February 2016).

38.                Master’s Candidate: Ms.A. Katembo (Durban University of Technology)

Title of the Dissertation::Reducing Cases of Gender-based Violence in Mashonland Central Province, Zimbabwe” (May 2015).

39.                Master’s Candidate: E.Adjibi (Durban University of Technology)

Title of the Dissertation:: “Reconciling after genocide: Perceptions of Gacaca courts in three Rwanda communities”.(December 2014)




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